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What is a Fast Lane ID?

A Fast Lane ID is the personal account you use to access our Fast Lane services like our E-learning platform Live or our Remote Lab System. It includes your email address and password you use to sign in, as well as all your provided contact details that you’ll use across Fast Lane services.

When do I use my Fast Lane ID?

Any time you use any Fast Lane service, you will be asked to sign in with your Fast Lane ID and password. Once signed in you’ll have access to the service and all the personal information in your account.

How many Fast Lane IDs do I need?

Only one. Use the same Fast Lane ID everywhere you sign in to ensure that all your Fast Lane services will work for you.

Can I share my Fast Lane ID with someone else?

Your Fast Lane ID should not be shared with anyone else. It provides access to personal information. Sharing your Fast Lane ID with someone else means you are giving them access to all your personal information and may lead to confusion over who actually owns the account.

How can I keep my Fast Lane ID secure?

Security and privacy are very important to Fast Lane and we provide a number of ways to secure your Fast Lane ID and protect your privacy including strong passwords and more.